Joavien Ng


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By Jean Ng and Joavien Ng (Singapore)

31 March - 2 April 2016, Esplanade Theatre, Singapore

70 mins

A dream world where logic and reason do not exist. Our dreams lie in a world beyond common sense, beyond morality, beyond objectivity. There are rich, powerful, sensual, mysterious, disturbing, tragic, hilarious - a sort of madness. Are they revelations of the past or tellers of the future? Are they the unconscious trapped in slumber, screaming to be heard? Or are they mere accidental side effects of random neural impulses?

This production was created in residency at Esplanade - Theatres on The Bay, Singapore, ACCCA - Companhia Clara Andermatt,, Lisbon, Portugal and QUINTA DAS CERCAS, Monchique, Portugal.

'Intrusions' was commissioned by Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay, Singapore for The Studios.

Full Performance


Created and Performed by Jean Ng and Joavien Ng

Sound Design by Sergio Cardoso

Lighting Design by Suven Chan

Set Design by Bernice Ong