Joavien Ng


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a Life performance

A piece by Joavien Ng (Singapore)

10-12 May 2012, Esplanade Theatre

65 mins


How can I make full use of this land? I could build my own country.

Following her wish for a self-sustainable life, Joavien Ng distributes a piece of land to every resident. Installing her share of Singapore on stage, she examines in front of the audience the choreographic implications of her decision.

A Life performance examines the condition of a 21st century citizen who is facing the challenges of self-determination in an overly dictated and structured environment, mischievously attempting to alter the construction of meanings, cr eating bodies that move between recognisable familiarity and utopian awkwardness.

Growth needs space. The space that belongs to all of us. The more growth, the less space. Does this limitation of space means we also have to limit our aspiration? What if our dreams are so big that we can’t limit them? How do we fit them into our limited daily space?

It looks like we have to adapt.

But do we adapt our dreams or our selves?

Joavien Ng investigates how she can put her self in a space that is invaded by growth from one side and by her dreams from the other. She organizes the flow of growth and dreams, trying to find a place for her body.

Can we grow without expanding?



Presented by
Esplanade Theatre, Singapore

Supported by
National Arts Council
TheatreWorks/ 72-13

Concept, Choreographed and performed by
Joavien Ng

Jochen Roller

Lighting Direction by
Lim Woan Wen

Sound Design by
Sergio Cardoso

Photography by
Matthew G. Johnson, Kimberly Tok











Photography by Matthew Johnson